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About Element Education

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Since 2001 our staff have been leaders in innovative ways to approach education. Element Education is a non-profit corporation which oversees two publicly funded charter schools.


The mission of its schools and programs shall be to inspire each child’s natural desire to learn by offering choice, flexibility, and learning standards based on learning styles and the developmental stages of the learner. This is accomplished through the use of research-based learning styles programs and in partnership with parents and community resources.


Learners will be knowledgeable and skilled (mastery), self-directed (autonomy), and engaged in meaningful learning (purpose) in their educational journey to adulthood.


With 1,100 students throughout San Diego County, Element Education is home to  Dimensions Collaborative with their personalized learning styles models, and Community Montessori, which implements Montessori Style principles.


Read about each school to find out more about each one and see if we can put you in your element!

Dimensions - Leaders in Self Directed Learning
Dimensions Collaborative Learning Centers
Personalized Education with
Learning Centers in San Diego County

Dimensions Collaborative School, is a student-driven learning program operating in San Diego County. With the guidance of a California credentialed Educational Facilitator, a personalized academic plan is designed to align with the learning styles, interests, talents, and goals of each student. The majority of a student’s academic work is completed with his or her parent(s) serving as the primary guide. Optional group instruction is offered at learning centers up to 4 days per week and multiple opportunities are provided for other specialized instruction and real world learning. Students work in groups and individually to explore and discover knowledge of the world and to develop their maximum potential.


Our Program Features:

  • Interest-led Projects
  • Self-paced Reading, Writing, and Math
  • Socratic Discussions
  • Real-world Apprenticeships
  • Credentialed Educational Facilitators
  • Student Portfolios of Purposeful Work
  • Academic Counselor
  • World Travel
  • Collaborative Learning Centers
  • Park Days, Field Trips, Co-Ops


At Dimensions, students take ownership of their education through:

  • mastery of meaningful learning
  • discovering their passion
  • building skills for adult professional, educational, and personal life
Community Montessori
Community Montessori


Our Community Montessori program offers:


  • An extraordinary faculty and staff, with caring, Montessori trained teachers and assistants, who are focused on each child’s needs.
  • A tuition-free Montessori school, with no fees.
  • A challenging curriculum, which is both faithful to Montessori’s philosophy and reflects the latest in childhood education research.
  • A rich learning environment, consisting of Montessori materials, research tools, and practical life and artistic areas to compliment the environment.
  • A personalized approach, with teachers observing and guiding each child to their fullest potential using their training in Learning Styles and Positive Discipline.
  • An engaged community, consisting of families and educators, who work together to create the best environment for the children.
  • A committed administration staff, available to address questions relating to your child’s education or any other topic.
  • After School Care,until 5pm daily, provided by the same trained staff that your student sees during the day.
  • After School Activities, such as Chess, Yoga, Tae Kwondo, Art, Mad Science, Soccer Shots, and more
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Dimensions Collaborative!