Why Choose an Element School?

What Students and Parents are saying about

the Element Family of Schools.


I'm so glad we enrolled with Dehesa. My three boys love their learning center classes.  Since they go to learning center classes on different days, I have time to spend with them individually while the others are in classes.  We are able to get work done at our own pace.  Each boy gets to spend as much time as they want in their favorite subjects.

Parent - Grades 2, 4, and 6. 


We've attended several charter schools these last few years and after hearing the orientation presentations by the staff at the Murrieta Learning Center, I must say, Dehesa Charter School sounds too good to be true...we finally found a school that "gets it"!  We can meet the U.C. requirements with a fun, engaging approach...and without pounding the textbooks!

Parent - 11th Grade


Thank you for being so aware of my children's needs.  I can tell now that Dehesa is just the change we were looking for. 

Parent - Grades 7 and 9


I was lost at my high school.  All my classes had 40 - 50 students.  Nobody cared and teachers never had time for me.  Having one teacher for everything is cool.  Now I'm motivated to learn.

Student - Age 17


I finally feel the freedom to teach my children in the way they learn best.  I'm so happy we are with this program.

 Parent - 1st Grade and 5th Grade


My son was so excited to go back to school.  I had to pick him up to take him to a doctor's appointment and he begged to go back right afterword.  Thanks for helping him enjoy school so much.

Parent - Montessori Student

I had so much trouble sitting still in a classroom, and people always wanting to talk in class got me in trouble.  Now I can get up when I need to move around and it is a lot easier to get work done. 

Student, Grade 10