Why Choose an Element School?

What Students and Parents are saying about

the Element Family of Schools.





I was lost at my high school.  All my classes had 40 - 50 students.  Nobody cared and teachers never had time for me.  Having one teacher for everything is cool.  Now I'm motivated to learn.

Student - Age 17


I finally feel the freedom to teach my children in the way they learn best.  I'm so happy we are with this program.

 Parent - 1st Grade and 5th Grade


My son was so excited to go back to school.  I had to pick him up to take him to a doctor's appointment and he begged to go back right afterword.  Thanks for helping him enjoy school so much.

Parent - Montessori Student

I had so much trouble sitting still in a classroom, and people always wanting to talk in class got me in trouble.  Now I can get up when I need to move around and it is a lot easier to get work done. 

Student, Grade 10