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Executive Director's Message

At Element Education, we feel privileged to work with such a diverse student population.  Although backgrounds, skills, goals, families, and experiences may be different, Element students have one thing in common…the desire to take ownership of their education. 


We are passionate about our role as servants of public funds in a democratic society and do not take that responsibility lightly.  We are committed to assisting students in the creation of personalized learning plans and networks so that they may have autonomy in how they choose to obtain mastery and find purpose in their learning.    


We attribute our success to relationships, resources, reflection, results, and research.  One key resource is our research-based learning styles program. We provide an online Self-Portrait Assessment to students in grades 4 and up and an observation assessment for students K-3. Providing immediate results, the information is used by our highly-trained staff to design student learning plans around each student’s dispositions, preferred modalities and environments, as well as interests and talents.  Add to the mix their current skills and future goals, as well family situation, and one quickly discovers why we offer such a wide range of educational resources and methodologies. 


Children who feel good about themselves, their relationships with others, and their ability to learn are more likely to be happy, successful, and contributing members of their community.   Simply stated, we do our best when we feel our best.  By incorporating Positive Discipline techniques into our learning communities, students develop a sense of belonging and significance, build healthy relationships with others, and welcome personal and academic challenge. 


The Element “Edge” is the community we’ve built in which there exists joint accountability, freedom to create and explore, safety to make mistakes, and guidance to make everything an opportunity for learning.  Within that community, we empower students to discover and operate in their element.


Terri Novacek

Executive Director
Terri Novacek