Learning Success Model

Personalized Learning Begins with Understanding Your Child's Power Traits


We understand that your child’s learning style goes beyond auditory, visual, and kinesthetic modalities. This is why we assess Disposition, Modality, Interests, Talents, and Environment to develop a personalized learning plan for each child. These five areas affect how your child learns, works, and communicates.


The Self-Portrait™ Power Traits Assessment has been helping students for over twenty years to rediscover that they can learn and reawaken a desire for learning.  It’s more than making learning more feasible, its about creating authentic learning.


Who benefits from a Learning Success Plan?


Students benefit by discovering how they learn best.  The #1 requirement for REAL learning to take place is safety. Students do their best learning in emotionally safe environments that focus on their strengths and acknowledge their contributions. When students feel safe, they are better able to learn, to persevere through struggles, and to become lifelong learners.


The Self-Portrait™ Power Traits Assessment is a relationship tool for gaining insight into how students learn best and showing them how to use their strengths – or “power traits” – for learning and life success. Research has shown that empowering students with insights on how they see learning supports:


  • Increased self-confidence
  • Greater curiosity for lifelong learning
  • Expansion on study strategies
  • Increased academic success
  • Understanding how to use your brain best
  • Enjoying and engaging in the learning process
  • How to take advantage of your natural skills and inclinations

Did you know that less than 10% reach their dreams?  The “fade” may have begun as early as kindergarten.  Personalized learning can…

Allow their “Star” to shine bright!



Parents have a supportive and caring staff to assist them in choosing personalized curriculum and independent study coursework that works with their child’s unique learning style. Parents who value that the world contains a spectrum of learning styles are better equipped to help their child and help improve family communication and harmony.


Parents can demonstrate to their children that they “hear” them and recognize them as individuals:


  • Some children learn better with music
  • Some work in an interactive way
  • Others prefer alone time to wonder and think
  • Some need to talk through their learning
  • Others seem to go off track, but are on track for the way their brain works

Having the tools to validate each child’s uniqueness without judgment or labels is heartening to our parents. Dive in and …


Accept the Pledge!



Our teachers are trained in how to use your child’s learning style profile to address their specific needs and goals to be successful in preparing for life. Several of our teachers are certified by the LearningSuccess™ Institute and all our teachers are committed to using a needs-based model of education as a positive approach to learning. We are committed to a growth mindset culture, providing:


  • Ongoing workshops for teachers, parents and students
  • Curriculum customization support
  • Cultivating empowering communication skills
  • Training on using students’ talents and interests to inspire curiosity and goals
  • Mentoring students to find their passion and create agency

We believe in a collaborative, team approach in supporting your child to develop being a self-driven learner. This begins with believing that every child has significance and desires to contribute something of worth.


Success for everyone begins with C.A.R.E.S.


This valuable assessment tool is available for free to all our students and parents.  We also offer the online assessment for $35 for anyone ages 10-adult. 

“The one subject we don’t study – ourselves –
 may be the basis for success in studying all the others.”


The LearningSuccess™ Institute