Governing Board Meeting Schedule and Documents

Members of the public desiring to address the Board shall fill out a "Speaker's Slip", requiring them to provide their name and the topic and deliver to the Board Chair or Secretary prior to consideration of that item. Per Board policy, speaking time is limited to three minutes, unless a longer period is permitted by the Board Chair.

Agendas for all regular Board meetings are posted at least seventy-two hours prior to the meeting on the main entrance door of the Administrative Office and Element website. The agendas and all backup material may also be inspected at the Administrative Office as soon as it is distributed to the Board. 

If you have special needs because of a disability which makes it difficult for you to participate in the meeting, or you require assistance or auxiliary aids to participate in the meeting, please contact Susan Michaels, the Board Secretary designee, via email at or call at 760.703.9997 by noon the Friday preceding the meeting. The school will attempt to make arrangements to accommodate your disability.

Board Meeting Dates for the 2020-2021 School Year
All meetings begin promptly at 1:30 p.m. unless otherwise noted.
Agenda will be posted 72 hours before each meeting
July 29, 2020
August 26, 2020
September 22, 2020 Special Meeting
September 23, 2020
October 28, 2020
December 2, 2020
January 27, 2020
February 24, 2020
March 24, 2020
April 28, 2020
May 26, 2020
June 30, 2020