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Dehesa Charter School serves students in Riverside and Orange Counties.

Dehesa Charter School is a student-driven learning program operating in Riverside and Orange Counties. With the guidance of a California credentialed Educational Facilitator, a personalized academic plan is designed to align with the learning styles, interests, talents, and goals of each student. The majority of a student’s academic work is completed with his or her parent(s) serving as the primary guide. Optional group instruction is offered via Co-Ops and Cohorts. Multiple opportunities are provided for other specialized instruction and real world learning.

Our Program Features:
  • Interest-led Projects
  • Self-paced Reading, Writing, and Math
  • Socratic Discussions
  • Real-world Apprenticeships
  • Credentialed Educational Facilitators
  • Student Portfolios of Purposeful Work
  • Academic Counselor
  • World Travel
  • Collaborative Parent Groups
  • Park Days, Field Trips, Co-Ops
At Dehesa, Students take ownership of their education through:
  • mastery of meaningful learning
  • discovering their passion
  • building skills for adult professional, educational, and personal life
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Kathy Jansen
 – North Riverside County

Full K - 12 Program


Traci Lockman
– South Riverside County

Full K - 12 Program

Linda Barr
– Newport  Beach

TK-8 only, No High School