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Dimensions Collaborative Learning Centers
Personalized Education with Learning Centers in San Diego County

Dimensions Collaborative School, is a student-driven learning program operating in San Diego County. With the guidance of a California credentialed Educational Facilitator, a personalized academic plan is designed to align with the learning styles, interests, talents, and goals of each student. The majority of a student’s academic work is completed with his or her parent(s) serving as the primary guide. Optional group instruction is offered at learning centers 2-4 days per week and multiple opportunities are provided for other specialized instruction and realworld learning. Students work in groups and individually to explore and discover knowledge of the world and to develop their maximum potential.


Our Program Features:

  • Interest-led Projects
  • Self-paced Reading, Writing, and Math
  • Socratic Discussions
  • Real-world Apprenticeships
  • Credentialed Educational Facilitators
  • Student Portfolios of Purposeful Work
  • Academic Counselor
  • World Travel
  • Collaborative Learning Centers
  • Collaborative Parent Groups
  • Park Days, Field Trips, Co-Ops


At Dimensions, Students take ownership of their education through:

  • mastery of meaningful learning
  • discovering their passion
  • building skills for adult professional, educational, and personal life


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Greg Hartman
– North County Coastal

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Tony Drown
– North County Inland

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Charles Schechter
– Central San Diego

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Elisa Hilliard
– Co-Ops-Park days-