Community Montessori

Community Montessori
Community Montessori

Our Community Montessori Program offers:

  • An extraordinary faculty and staff, with caring, Montessori trained teachers and assistants, who are focused on each child’s needs.
  • A tuition-free Montessori school,with no fees.
  • A challenging curriculum, which is both faithful to Montessori’s philosophy and reflects the latest in childhood education research.
  • A rich learning environment, consisting of Montessori materials, research tools, and practical life and artistic areas to compliment the environment.
  • A personalized approach,with teachers observing and guiding each child to their fullest potential using their training in Learning Styles and Positive Discipline.
  • An engaged community, consisting of families and educators, who work together to create the best environment for the children.
  • A committed administration staff, available to address questions relating to your child’s education or any other topic.
  • After School Care,until 5pm daily, provided by the same trained staff that your student sees during the day.
  • After School Activities,such as Chess, Yoga, Tae Kwondo, Art, Mad Science, Soccer Shots, and more.
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