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Learning Styles with Element Education, Inc.
The very best learning occurs when we coach students to discover their own unique learning styles.

The Learning Success™ Institute

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How Does Your Child Learn Best?
At Element Education , we understand that an individual’s learning style goes beyond auditory, visual, and kinesthetic modalities. This is why we assess: Disposition, Modality, Interests, Talents, and Environment. This assessment tool, developed by Mariaemma Willis and Victoria Hodson, authors of Discover Your Child’s Learning Style, provides a blueprint for successfully personalizing our students’ academic plan to meet a wide range of learning needs.
Who benefits from a Learning Styles education plan?
Element Educational Facilitators

As a student-based program, our focus is each individual student in relation to his/her abilities, learning styles, available resources, and goals. Our Educational Facilitators (EFs) partner with parents and students to develop and monitor a personalized learning plan. Resource centers and vendor services are available for social and specialized learning.


Our parents have a supportive and caring staff to assist them in choosing curriculum that works with their child’s unique learning style. Parents who value that the world contains a spectrum of learning styles are better equipped to help parents. The majority of students need alternatives to the traditional model of learning & parents using the profile glean ways of doing this at home. Parents are able to demonstrate to their children that they “hear” them and recognize them as individuals. Some children like learning with music, or work in an interactive way. Others prefer alone time to wonder and think through things in an imaginative way. Having the tools to validate each child’s uniqueness without judgment or labels is heartening to Dehesa parents.


All students at Element Education benefit from having teachers who use a blueprint to better understand how uniquely they learn.
Having a customized curriculum allows children to see success. “Success leads to more success,” a LearningSuccess™ core philosophy is a key ingredient for children. Kids soon realize that in an Element School, they can find ways of learning that makes sense to them. Some students need to “see it” or “experience it” or “say it” in order to learn. Having a profile that tells their EF (and parent) how they best learn ensures that they will indeed “get it” and progress.
High school students who use the profile are encouraged by the validation they receive at being acknowledged for who they are. Developing their talents and interests, these students develop self-confidence and self-esteem.

We must stop drawing attention to what people cannot do and start emphasizing what they can do~
Willis and Hodson